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Management training in Dubai and Malaysia

Being a true leader is essential to a leadership role and many directors attend management training in Dubai and Malaysia. But you need more than that if you want to be inspirational and innovative. Yes, there is a difference between leadership and management. Obtaining the perspective to represent that, re-examine this role, and take on the duties of a senior team member is pivotal.

To excel at this stage, your leadership team must know where their strengths lie and recognize the areas that need improvement to make a substantial difference. A leadership training that examines what makes a leader unique, how they can modify their style to encourage a team is what we specialize in.

Our leadership courses are given by trainers with a professional insight into the needs and demands of leadership, giving your team the practical knowledge they’ll need to succeed. And since we tailor every course to your business, we always add value. Leaders have told us that some of the best locations for management training are in Dubai or Malaysia.

Our customized in-house training and workshops on leadership skills include strategic thinking, change management, transformation and many more. This training will improve your leadership skills and enable you to act and plan more strategically as a leader.

Our training courses and workshops cover the following:

Strategic thinking

This involves decision making, and this is what distinguishes a leader from other people. Strategic thinking means having a clear idea of what you want. It also includes where you want to be and how to achieve it.

This means being objective and having a vivid understanding of your environment. Good leaders are strategic thinkers, they have their eyes on the bigger picture, and every decision they make takes them closer to that picture.

In this changing world, organizations need strategic thinking to survive, gain sustained advantage and remain competitive.

Our training and workshop will help with your strategic thinking skills and teach you how to infuse it in others.

Some of the effect of strategic thinking in any form of organizations includes;

  • Improved decision making
  • It aids long term planning and helps management set goals and priorities
  • It helps you identify risks, opportunities, threats and improves your SWOT analysis.
  • It keeps you and your business in a competitive position.
Change management

Leadership is very important during the time of change. A leader needs a proper understanding of change management and ways to guide the organization through it. Change management is an approach that ensures changes are well implemented, and a leader must know how to make these changes stick for a lasting benefit.

Our company equips individuals with skills on how to implement change within an organization.

At the end of your training with us, you would have mastered the concept of change. You will not only learn why you need change and how people respond to it but also how to implement it and adjust your organization to continuous change.

People management 

A leader’s relationship with his followers will set the direction of success in an organization.

A good leader must have proper management skills that will positively influence his relationship with his employees. Leadership is much than being a boss and dictating rules. It involves cementing relationships, understanding your employees, giving them the right motivation and giving them valuable feedback.

Bad people management can lead to unhappy workers, unsatisfied customers, and unaddressed issues that can be insidious to the organization.

People management skills can include proper communication, empathy, overseeing, feedback, delegation etc.

Our workshop will teach you how to;

  • Manage people effectively
  • Master the act of proper communication
  • Get the best performance from every member of the team and maintaining a positive mental attitude amongst them.
Communication skills

Leaders probably need a high level of communication skills than anyone else. Apart from creating a good relationship with your team, a good leader needs to be a good listener. They should know;

  • How to dictate and make rules without aggression.
  • How to carry the team along.
  • How to get valuable information and opinions from them by proper questioning.

A good leader is also a good speaker, able to pass across his points skillfully, whether during a meeting, in times of difficulty or just a casual conversation.

Our courses will help you with;

  • Effective communication skills
  • Storytelling as part of effective communication
  • Giving and receiving feedback
  • Presentation skills and so much more.

Why you should choose us

Our workshop and training have experienced experts as instructors throughout the training course.

Our courses are in-house and customized to your needs. Our goal is to understand your needs and tailor our courses, deliver it to you and help you achieve your goals. We don’t fit our clients in a box, you dictate the box, and we work with it.

We offer a wide range of training courses, from leadership to strategic thinking and management to more technical expertise.

We don’t just teach the courses, we emphasize practical skills and make sure you know how to get results with your new knowledge. We are accredited, endorsed and are highly passionate about helping you build leadership skills.

Contact us today to get started with your customized training tailored just for you.

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