COACHING FOR RESULTS: THE SEVEN TIPS THAT ENHANCE PERFORMANCE – Management training and coaching for enhanced performance – are you performing optimally?

Do you often work on your performance before the year-end performance evaluation? If yes, you are not alone. A lot of people choose to remain quiet and let others point out potential improvements in their job. Do you know why? Well, it’s an easy choice. But, let’s view this delicately – you’re productive, skilled, and excellent at your job! However, how will you improve if you don’t focus on making improvements? When was the last time you attended management training or worked with experienced professionals to enhance your knowledge and professional performance?

No matter how experienced you are, you can always do a job better than before. Improving your skill-sets and searching for ways to learn new things is the first step towards improving your performance. Enhancing your knowledge and practical management skills is vital to remaining relevant and of value to your current employer.

Recognizing the value of constant self-improvement, we’ve put together a few tips that will help you boost your performance and value at work.

  1. Hang out With Productive People 

There’s nothing like peer pressure to change a person’s character and attitude. If you know that you aren’t as productive as you should be, then surround yourself with productive people and highly skilled people.

Try to be a part of their conversations and spend quite a bit of time with them. You’ll notice that you begin to pick up on some of their performance tactics. Before long, your performance levels would improve just by association.

  1. Keep Distractions at Bay 

You already have limited levels of concentration, but for optimal performance, you must learn to wield the weapon of concentration and specific focus. Distractions can come in any way; it could be your phone pinging with new notifications or worse wayward random things in the middle of a project which divert your attention and take up valuable time and mental energy.

Yes, learning to let go of distractions isn’t easy. Another ping may tempt you until you give in and check. Here are a few steps to help you keep distractions at bay for increased productivity levels.

  • Identify all the contributors to your distraction – your phone, email notifications or needless meetings for instance.
  • Wean yourself off them. Spend lesser and lesser time on them for them or have specific times when you read and reply to messages.
  • If, at this point, you can completely stay without them, cut them out until allotted times.

Cutting off the distractions opens a door of concentration on your current tasks as well as future tasks. We all need to learn to stay focused and utilise the time we have available.

  1. Optimise your workplace for Productivity. 

Our stations in our various offices could be the reason why we aren’t performing at the optimal level. Surprising right? Let’s take a quick look at how most work spaces look. On a good day, every task you’re meant to work on in a day is on your desk. Even worse, your desk is more than cluttered. In both scenarios, your desk, office or working space isn’t optimised for productivity and you’ll end up getting distracted or not working efficiently. You may find that your company provide management training and coaching support or funding.

Here’s a simple rule to know if your work environment is optimised for productivity. If your desk or workspace contains only the task, you are currently working on then you are likely to be more focused and productive. The less clutter you have, the easier it is to concentrate on what you are working on. Higher concentration translates to better work and more productivity.

  1. Set Personal Goals 

Setting personal goals on some of your work tasks would help you increase your performance levels. You can always seek feedback from a supervisor or a team member on what parts of your performance need to be improved or refocused. Most organisations encourage employees to take management training and coaching to help achieve their goals.

  1. Rest 

Take schedules short breaks and just either rest your head or talk to a friend or reward yourself by doing something you enjoy for 15 minutes. Frequent breaks make it easier to concentrate and do your best work.

  1. The Easy route isn’t always wrong.

Some people would insist on doing as much work as possible to be sure that they’ve got everything right. You don’t always have to go through the hard way of doing a job. Delegate some duties to others so you can give the tasks you have your very best.

Learn to work smarter and in certain circumstances the easiest route is sometimes the best – don’t reinvent the wheel. Doing more than you should on a given task is a sure way to reduce your performance level because you won’t give each task your best. Ultimately, the main aim is to complete the task or project on time and to the highest standard. Sometimes we focus too much on perfection at the expense of finishing on time. Don’t get fixated on minor details that distract mental energy or are not of significant value to the overall project. Sometimes attending management training and coaching sessions can help focus you on some key ways to work smarter and not harder.

  1. Personal Improvement

You don’t always have to learn something when someone goes out of their way to teach it to you. It is a proven fact that the information you discover on your own is better assimilated.

Personal improvement is a sure-fire way to enhance your performance and leverage off the knowledge and experience of team members. Things won’t change unless you try to change and evolve personally and professionally. So, if you want to be a person of exceptional ability, start improving your performance. Apply the above tips and ensure you put them into use in a way that suits you and your career.

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