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Management Courses in Dubai and Malaysia for professional training

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We design and facilitate professional management training in Dubai or Malaysia for leaders. Our training courses help management and leaders keep up to date with current trends and industry specific knowledge. By joining one of our courses or masterclass series you will receive accredited continuing professional development for your directors, senior executives and management team.

We provide experienced course leaders who deliver interactive in-house and public training. We also work with a handful of trusted training production partners who use our services for management training course in Dubai and Malaysia.

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Management Courses in Dubai and Malaysia on Corporate Governance, Leadership and Advanced Company Secretary Skills for your professional training needs

Management Courses in Dubai and professional corporate governance training is a key element for any organisation to learn and grow together. Corporate governance is vital at every level of each organisation irrespective of the size of the business.

All businesses need to start thinking about a professional corporate governance training plan to ensure that employees, executives and directors get access to relevant and up to date knowledge and facilitated learning.

Organisations that align their strategy, corporate culture and business objectives within an agreed corporate governance framework are usually the most successful and sustainable businesses.

We know the value of continued learning for employees throughout the organisation, this learning can be through on the job training or a combination of facilitated in-house corporate training and external masterclasses and workshops. Management Courses in Dubai or Malaysia are some of the top locations for leadership training.

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Management Courses in Dubai and Malaysia

We provide cutting edge management courses in Dubai and Malaysia. Our workshops on leadership, strategic thinking, and management training are accredited for continuing professional development. Business owners and professionals need unique skills and competency to take their business to the next level.

As an employee, specific certifications or training will give you an edge in your field and accredited management training will aid in enhancing the skills and knowledge required to lead with authenticity and impact.

Our experienced and esteemed team of corporate trainers guarantees you top-notch in-house training that will equip you with the required skills and the qualification that you need to take the next step in your career or business. We service national and multinational corporations, NGOs, government agencies, and educational institutions.

Our goal is to develop others, hence our commitment to helping business managers and their staff learn new skill-sets that enhance growth and development within their organisation. By doing this, we’re not only empowering individuals but also helping to develop and boost their corporations.

We offer tailored in-house management courses and offer a variety services that you can’t afford to miss. If you want to know more about our preferred training partner click here.

Years of Experience

We deliver world-class management training solutions across many industries and our corporate trainers are highly experienced and encourage ‘out of the box’ strategic thinking. We strive to meet the training goals of our clients in an efficient and professional manner by making a difference in the workplace.

Accredited Management Training Courses

We offer training on diverse, engaging, interactive, and on-demand courses that will earn you professionally accredited management courses.

We aim to get participants involved and active during the classes and also design engaging case studies and group exercises. participants can also brainstorm and share ideas and issues to gain different perspectives.

Most of our in-house training is tailored precisely to client requirements. In essence, all our course outlines on this site are just a starting point for a discussion. It doesn’t matter if you hold a junior level or senior level position; we always have the perfect training course for you and your colleagues.

What’s more? We have uncompromising standards and aim to work with the best trainers and we have worked with Robert L. Ford and his team for bespoke international management training.

Our vast network shows that we have a variety of trainers for each training course, partly to guarantee the perfect ‘fit’ between trainer and client. Not only that, we do this so that we can provide resources to cater to the large-scale roll-out programmes when needed.

At the end of the training course, we’ll issue you a certificate and you will also obtain continuing professional development hours or points. This is usually in collaboration with the awarding body associated with that field.


Certificates and Qualifications

Our courses have been duly registered and accredited by the appropriate professional body. What this means is the certificates we issue after undergoing our training are internationally recognised.

As a provider of innovative learning solutions, we are partnered with top certifying and governing bodies. This means that delegates attending our management training courses will get the most current training that follows international standards.

This array of courses leads to professionally branded qualifications and 3rd party certificates to support our goal of giving our valued clients quality training, namely, the ICSA’s Advanced Corporate Governance certificate and CPD accredited training.

With these qualifications, you can represent your firm anywhere in the world, which in turn helps you build your profile.

Wide range of training courses

Our major aim is to meet everyone’s needs and specifications. We offer a variety of courses in different areas so that we can satisfy all the participants regardless of their area of interest or department.

There is a wide selection of courses you can choose from – ranging from management to leadership, business strategy, coaching, and many more.

We also offer technical courses that concentrate on specific areas of expertise. This ensures that no matter your area of interest, there will be a suitable course available for your development. There are also a lot of workshops and seminars that are geared towards the sharpening of skills and gaining current industry relevant knowledge.

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In-House Customised Management Training

We provide seminars, workshops and training to meet your specific in-house needs and unique requirements. Our professional trainers and masterclass facilitators design the training program and courses to fit those precise objectives and goals.

We believe that a small investment made on employees will increase their engagement and effectiveness. Through tailored management training your organisation can provide your senior managers and business leaders with the tools to lead with confidence.

We offer cost-efficient and practical development solutions despite your budget size. Also, we will work with you to justify your return on invest through the use of advanced and effective development solutions.

Our In-House and customised training courses are developed with your company’s objectives as its main guideline. It is a comprehensive learning solution delivered at your preferred location and timing. We have offered training in Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Lebanon, Jordan, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, the United Kingdom, India and Pakistan.

Unlike the general training courses, we design a specialised course work, seminars, and workshops that are centred on that specific area, and for a particular set of individuals.

Certified and Highly Qualified Instructors

Our instructors are the best in their respective professional fields in corporate governance, management training excellence, risk management, strategic leadership, business transformation and many other areas. Also, they are experienced and possess the necessary skills to deliver the best to you and your organisation.

No doubt, talented people have a much higher degree of success when a skilled instructor or mentor coaches them. We have a range of experienced instructors and trainers, with expertise in various areas, who can coach those within your company to meet their performance goals and potential.

With our current and state-of-the-art coaching services, participants can look forward to marked improvements. Furthermore, our instructors will ensure that they attain superior leadership, better business results and improved team collaboration.

Our training courses will help address vital levers by offering valuable leadership knowledge, improving your talent pool’s diversity and unlock your in-house potential.

We take it upon ourselves to scout the best instructors all over the world and bring them to you! And when we say “best,” we mean it in every sense of the word.

Online training or distance learning

There’s an option for online training or distance learning if organisations want their employees to study at their own pace. We want to give you access to the best instructors in the world. Even when we’re not able to bring them to you in person, we give you an online platform to connect with them. The online courses and training are not void of the practical aspects or assessments.

Our aim here is to make the training more flexible and to give you more options. We can conduct these online training simultaneously for your staff, but they can also do it on their own. It’s all about your preferences and what works best for you.

Before enrolling for any course, we allow you and your team to speak with instructors in charge of your preferred course. We do this because there may be some information that you need before making your decision. By communicating directly with an instructor, you get first-hand information that will help you make your decision or choice.

Friendly schedule

We understand that it’s a work environment, and you have a business to run, so we give you free hands. This means that you’ll get to choose a time that works for you and your management team.

We owe our success in offering in-house training to our ability to partner with numerous organisations. We excel in knowing your specific requirements and goals, then we plan and create a training solution that satisfies these objectives. Overall, we want to operate in a way that suits every party involved to achieve the best results.

Our goal is to offer you leadership, management, and transformation solutions. We are qualified, certified, accredited and work with the best instructors. What more can you ask for? Partner with us today and watch as your career takes a whole new shape! Sign up today for one of our management courses in Dubai or Malaysia.


The team are passionate about designing, implementing and embedding governance frameworks, internal controls and policies to improve processes, systems and business performance. Our subject matter gurus regularly speak at conferences, seminars and at breakfast briefings.

They also facilitate corporate training masterclasses and workshops across the following disciplines: corporate governance, advanced company secretarial skills, risk management and compliance frameworks.

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What People Are Saying

Our masterclass courses and in-house training programmes are best in class and we tailor the training specifically to the needs of delegates and even adapt the learning outcomes to fit with the expectations of delegates. Here are just a few quotes from happy delegates:

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